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CoinSwaps Alpha is Live

CoinSwap sets a new privacy standard for bitcoin that prevents CoinSwap transactions from being blocked by making them look the same as regular transactions. This release is an alpha, so keep in mind that all the features aren’t available yet. However, it still works on signet, mainnet, and retest. —Spiral

Audience question: what would make you use CoinSwaps?

Could crypto ATMs be breeding grounds for fraud in Taiwan?

The type of BTM most common in Taiwan can accommodate up to around NT$2.2 million, meaning that one can show up with NT$2 million in cash, and transfer it to any encrypted Bitcoin wallet.

This goes well beyond the Regulations Governing Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing for Enterprises Handling Virtual Currency Platforms and Transactions (promulgated by the Financial Supervisory Commission in June 2021), under which transactions over NT$30,000 require identity verification. In the Financial Supervisory Commission’s (FSC) eyes, the anonymous nature of BTM machines makes them a potential breeding ground for money laundering.

Audience question: How concerned are you about this kind of fraud?

Pricing Liquidity for Lightning Wallets[](

Bitcoin banks that interoperate on the Lightning network are the most developed path to scaling Bitcoin for mass adoption. One problem faced by these banks is the imple- mentation of fees for transactions that incur protocol fees on the Bitcoin and Lightning networks. This problem is particularly important in the context of providing both onchain and offchain liquidity, since different usage pat- terns can incur dramatically different protocol fees. We argue that the possibility of liquidity arbitrage on the Lightning network sets a market rate for inbound liquid- ity, and use an estimate of this market rate to develop new fee structures that properly price liquidity without overcharging everyday users. Furthermore, we perform simulations using historical transaction data from users of the Bitcoin Beach Wallet, and show that the new fee structures are able to account for different usage patterns under realistic conditions.

  • “The possibility of liquidity arbitrage on the Lightning network sets a market rate for inbound liquidity.”

BIP21 is being Adopted

All payment methods included in one QR code.

BIP21 is a no brainer - At the moment there is a massive UX hurdle that exists for users of different bitcoin wallet software providers.

  • Credit: Marty Bent
  • “Asking users to choose between on-chain and lightning payments can be confusing - but it’s been necessary to maintain interoperability between wallets”
  • By Christopher Allen

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