Welcome again Bitdevs Taiwan

We are at a our T7 location this month again, thanks to Evan!

Our twentieth Socratic Seminar event will be held at No. 563, Section 4, Zhongxiao E Rd, 新仁里 · Xinyi District

We will start the socratic seminar discussion with general introductions and follow with discussion on the latest bitcoin developents and news.

Learn about bitcoin development. Share, debate, and discuss trade offs in progress. We discuss a variety of developments, from industry updates and press releases, pull requests in popular git repositories (e.g. Bitcoin Core, lnd, c-lightning, rust-bitcoin, Joinmarket, WasabiWallet), research papers, technical blog posts, IRC logs, network monitors and more. Please add to the discussion topics on GitHub. We’d love to hear from you. After the event the we socialize over food and drinks.

我們每月舉辦的蘇格拉底式的研討會活動旨在促進辯論、信息共享和開放討論。在活動前幾週,聚會成員會從各種來源去整理討論主題:流行git倉儲(例如 Bitcoin Core、lnd、c-lightning、rust-bitcoin, Joinmarket、WasabiWallet)中的pull requests、研究論文、技術博客帖文、IRC 日誌、網絡監測等。經過一段時間的討論,一些活動會有來自開源項目、公司、研究和其他相關內容的介紹。隨後是反饋和問答部分。活動結束後,我們會在活動場地進行社交。

Discussion Topics

Vulnerabilities disclosed for LND versions prior to 0.17, and other Denial-of-Service attacks

Matt Morehouse publicly disclosed DoS vulnerabilities for Lightning Network implementations after privately disclosing to Lightning Labs about a year ago.

DoS vulnerabilities are critical because when Lightning Nodes are taken offline, funds are at risk

Morehouse describes other methods of DoS attacks which affects CLN and eclar implementations too. Also does a great job highlighting the difference in how implementations handle being offline

As more features are added to the Lightning Network Protocol, then attack surfaces increases from the additional complexity. Encourages more awareness into security research on lightning


Taiwan FSC Publishes Guidelines and Q&A for the Management of VASPs

Taiwan Regulators publishes guidelines for platforms offering virtual assets. Surprisingly these guidelines are specific to not include Bitcoin. This could be a start of interesting developments on how Taiwan treats Bitcoin.


Bitcoin Core v27.1: Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Another release of Core

“Bitcoin Core version v27.1 is now available from: or through BitTorrent (magnet link),” announced the project. “This release includes various bug fixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations. Please report bugs using the issue tracker at GitHub.”

note: I think some of Taiwan BitDevs traditional chinese transaltions made it in github

Bitcoin Optech #306: Disclosure of Vulnerabilities Affecting Older Versions of Bitcoin Core

This issue announces an upcoming disclosure of Bitcoin Core vulnerabilities, and describes: a draft BIP for testnet4, functional encryption covenants, proposed updates to 64-bit arithmetic in Bitcoin Script, looks at OP_CAT script to validate proof of work, as well as proposed update to BIP21.

“Several members of the Bitcoin Core project discussed on IRC a proposed policy for disclosing vulnerabilities that affected older versions of Bitcoin Core…” “After this policy has a chance to be further discussed, it is the intention of the project to begin disclosing vulnerabilities affecting Bitcoin Core 24.x and below. It is strongly recommended that all users and administrators upgrade to Bitcoin Core 25.0 or above within the next two weeks.”

Ava Chow post Newsletter

Electrum Plugin for Joinstr Tutorial

In this tutorial I will share the steps to use electrum plugin for joinstr on Ubuntu. First step is to get the latest version of electrum. Run the below commands so that electrum can be used:

tutorial article

Alexey Pertsev - Tornado Cash case (REVIEW)

Dutch court found Tornado Cash developer Alexey Pertsev guilty of money laundering and sentenced him to 64 months in prison. Pertsev’s legal team has 14 days to appeal the decision.

Tornado Cash Developer Alexey Pertsev Sentenced to 64 Months in Prison in the Netherlands

A Dutch court convicted 31-year-old Alexey Pertsev of laundering $2.3 billion in cryptocurrency through the Tornado Cash mixer. Dutch prosecutors have alleged that Pertsev designed Tornado Cash to be the ideal money laundering tool through the use of “smart contracts.” Conversely, Pertsev’s defenders argued that these same attributes made Tornado Cash such an effective privacy tool.

The judges rejected Pertsev’s argument that it was wrong to hold him accountable for Tornado Cash’s users, who are, by design, anonymous and independent.

Case Documents (Dutch) News Article

Aqua Wallet - Lightning - Liquid Wallet

Aqua Wallet, developed by Jan3, is a non-custodial mobile Bitcoin, Lightning, Liquid and Tether USDT (on Liquid, Ethereum, and Tron) wallet. Available on Android (APK only for now) and iOS.


Announcement Blogpost

HRF Bitcoin Development Fund Grants 10 BTC to 13 Bitcoin Projects

Always great to see contributions to Bitcoin Development

“HRF’s latest batch of grants focus on education for people living under authoritarian regimes, privacy and Lightning development, decentralized communications, and providing nonprofits and human rights groups with easier onramps to financial freedom tools. Areas of focus include key countries and regions in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa,” announcement reads. These are the projects receiving financial aid from the HRF:

  • Robosats
  • Bitshala Internship Program
  • Building Bridges to Bitcoin (BBB)
  • Flash
  • Bitcoin Seoul
  • Margot Paez
  • Validating Lightning Signer
  • OpenSats
  • The Core
  • Terry Yiu (nostr)
  • Paulo Sacramento
  • Blockchain Commons
  • Summer of Bitcoin


Utreexod Beta Is Now Available for General Public Testing

utreexod is a full node bitcoin implementation with support for utreexo accumulators. It enables immediate node bootstrap by having the UTXO state hardcoded into the codebase, uses a tiny amount of memory, and has a low disk i/o.

Key features:

  • Implementation of efficient Utreexo accumulators with an improved deletionn algorithm from the Utreexo paper.
  • Efficient P2P transaction relay with support for caching utreexo proofs for mempool transactions.
  • Quick sync to the tip of the blockchain with AssumeUtreexo.
  • Built in wallet support (with BDK wallet).
  • Electrum personal server support for usage with other wallets.

utreexo proponent Calvin Kim attended Taipei Bitcoin Tech Summit 2023 with Taiwan BitDevs

announcement github

How to Make Use of BOLT12 in LDK

Jeff Czyz from Lightning Dev Kit wrote a walkthrough on BOLT12, explaining what it is and how one can make use of it in LDK.

“BOLT12 is a new payment protocol for Lightning that offers enhanced privacy, reusable payment codes, refunds, and much more, all natively over the Lightning Network.” No additional servers are required. This is all possible using new technologies like onion messages and route blinding. BOLT12 specification defines “an offer that can be considered a precursor to an invoice. It contains less data than an invoice and is smaller to display as a QR code. Optionally, it may contain blinded paths—more on that in a moment. Someone scanning an offer sends an invoice request to the intended recipient, who replies with an invoice containing a unique payment hash.”


OCEAN Pool Integrates BOLT12 Lightning Payouts

“Using BOLT12 also allows us to prove to the world that a payment was made, the size of the payment, the node to which it was paid, and that it was paid by us. This means we can continue to offer fully transparent and verifiable pooled mining while no longer being restricted by the base layer.”

“Pools traditionally have held miners’ bitcoins like a bank, while on-chain Bitcoin transactions get increasingly expensive as the demand for Bitcoin rises. For small miners, the problem is exacerbated since in some cases the cost of the transaction fee is higher than the reward that they earn. This is unsustainable because it creates lock-in to custodial pools. OCEAN helps overcome this risk using Lightning,” OCEAN co-founder Luke Dashjr said.

Announcement Press Release Documentation]

AntPool & Bitmain Acting as ‘a Pool of Pools’ - Report

“Looking at the merkle branches that mining pools send to miners as part of stratum jobs, it’s clear that the BTCcom pool, Binance pool, Poolin, EMCD, Rawpool, and possibly Braiins* have exactly the same template and custom transaction prioritization as AntPool,” analyst 0xB10C recently shared in a post.

note: pooled mining is surprisingly something that wasn’t unexpected

full post

Scam Wallets - And how to spot them

Apple’s App Store continues to publish fraudulent apps that mimic popular Bitcoin wallets, leading to the theft of money from unsuspecting users.

Attack Scenarios

  • Malicious Clone
  • Clipboard Hijacker
  • Compromised PC
  • Social Engineering
  • Planted Wallet File

nobsbitcoin article Electrum Tips

Cheyenne crypto mine with Chinese origins ordered to divest

In October, The New York Times published an article detailing some of the security concerns around a Cheyenne-based crypto-mining operation with Chinese origins located within one mile of F.E. Warren Air Force Base.

On Monday, The White House released a statement ordering the sale of land to the company be reversed, citing a national security risk.

The purchasers acquired the land from Cheyenne LEADS in June 2022, and then made improvements to allow for specialized cryptocurrency mining operations. The land is in close proximity to F.E. Warren, a strategic missile base and home to Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles.droid


El Salvador’s Chivo Wallet Source Code & VPN Access Leaked

According to The Block, the hackers released the stolen information to the public to punish the Salvadoran government for refusing to engage with them. It’s unclear what the hackers want to discuss with El Salvador officials. “This time I am bringing you the code that is inside the Bitcoin Chivo Wallet ATMs in El Salvador, remember that it is a government wallet, and as you know, we do not sell, we publish everything for free for you,” CiberInteligenciaSV said in a post. The files reportedly contain snippets of the wallet’s code and VPN credentials associated with the Chivo Wallet’s ATM network. The group recently disclosed the personal data of approximately 5.1 million Salvadorans in a separate exploit. This is part of a series of extensive database leaks containing various records from the country.

Note: stakes are high


Robosats Mobile App

The RoboSats Federation is a set of rules that allows multiple RoboSats instances to work together under a unified client app. This federated client app enables users to seamlessly interact with any coordinator, track the coordinator reputation, verify transparently devFund donations, and more.g the current cost-less-impairment accounting model for many entities.

nobsbitcoin article Announcement

BitVM 8-bit PC

“It’s true, you can write bitcoin smart contracts in Assembly now instead of learning boolean logic circuits,” wrote @Super Testnet. Someone also wrote a multiplication function for this virtual CPU

Link BitVM Calculator

Strike opens up for Taiwan Users!

Strike offers global remittance through the Bitcoin Network, using Lightning. Strike allows Taiwan users to register and supports VISA debit card deposits. Balances are only held in USD Strike currently has no banking relationships in Taiwan


Discussion on CVE-2023-50428 / Vulnerability in Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Knots (Remains Open!)

Why this is a CVE - the software which creates these OP_IF/FALSE/PUSH transactions circumvents the existing filters, and there is no such mechanism is in place to to recognize these transactions as non-standard (there are no configuration options to address this).

datacarrier and datacarrier size parameters in bitcoin.conf does not include inscription transactions

Companies and individuals maintain their own versions of Bitcoin software and should be monitoring vulnerabilities across their stack. Ultimately everyone can decide whether or not a CVE applies to them, whether or not vulnerability should be classified as such is not the issue, it is a situation to address.

There is a patch available as commit #28408, the patch does not censor ordinals, it simply subjects an expanded set of transactions which inscribe data onto the blockchain to go through the same filters as before. The miners aligned with the patch are forgoing mining fees to run this filter.

Nodes which apply the patch have the drawbacks of fee-estimations being off and slower block validation times.

Note: demonstration available on how to apply the patch (homework!)


Pull Request/Patch

New on Geyser: Bitcoin Explorama, BitFables, Smart Child Kenya & More

Discover and show support to some of the latest Bitcoin grassroots projects and initiatives launched via the Geyser crowdfunding platform.


Nakamoto Institute update/facelift

The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute was founded in November 2013 to advance and preserve knowledge of Bitcoin’s history, economics, and technology.

SNI is a Texas nonprofit corporation exempt from tax under Section 501(c)(3) and classified as a public charity.


Nostr, zaps and stuff (always)

Taiwan BitDevs would like to explore Nostr with the audience by generating an npub with the audience present to follow along. Nostr stands for “notes and other stuff transmitted over relays” it is a protocol designed around censorship resistance which can be used for social media. Nostr is a lot of fun and a great way to use Lightning Network (NIP-57 / zaps / LNURL)

NIP update - nostr marketplace (NIP-15)

Theres an LNBits extension that allows you to list and shop for goods using nostr relays and get paid through Bitcoin/Lightning

tutorial nip-15

github link

web client

Amethyst android

Damus iOS